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Nest Architects is an architectural design practice based in Melbourne, Australia. Having worked in a number of small to medium sized offices, Emilio Fuscaldo started the practice in late 2006. Imogen Pullar joined the practice as a graduate architect in 2007 and has since become an integral part of the office. Emma Robinson, a graduate from the University of Tasmania joined the practice in mid 2011.

The practice is committed to creating architecture, interiors, furniture and design projects that start from first principles. For Nest, this process of arriving at a design is a journey that we embark on with our clients. In a collaborative spirit we try and identify as many elements as possible that will feed into the design. These elements often include the weather, orientation, history and sustainability, but just as important are the stories and memories we ask our clients to use to express their goals and aspirations. We see all these different influences and elements as opportunities that we combine to help us create meaningful objects and spaces. This processes is similar to the way a bird forages and collects useful objects in order to construct a stable and safe nest that also fits beautifully into its environment.

In addition to our many private clients we have also worked with the City of Frankston, Gorman, Jack London, Ormond College, The City of Melbourne and others.

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