Loafer Bread

_cafe fit-out

completed: Nov 2012

located: Scotchmer Street. North Fitzroy VIC

size: 25sqm approx

Last year Loafer Bread approached us to help re-work the interior layout of their little North Fitzroy cafe. Working with a tiny space and small budget, our aim was to retain the atmosphere of the cafe, whilst maximising the available floor space through the introduction of new seating and display options; and retaining as much of the existing fittings and fixtures as possible. The new banquette seat provides seating options to both small and large groups; and a new bench and window display engages the cafe with the street.

The new elements have been installed incrementally so that the cafe could remain open, and serving its many regular customers, throughout the works.

Photographs by Nic Granleese ©

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